Frequently asked questions

Hello, There are various types of credits which you can obtain here. For instance, you can obtain free "Daily credits" (Bingo Bucks and Other Games Credits). These credits can be obtained each day and are used to play in the games. Bingo bucks only work in the game of bingo, while the other game credits can also be used to play other games such as Slots and Video Poker, etc. The rest of your balance is made up of your "Earned Credits" and "Playable Winnings". These may be used to play Bingo and other games and as well, you may send these types of funds to a friend, or use them to participate in the chat side games that are run by our Hosts. We hope that this has answered your question. If you require any further details, please do not hesitate to let us know. Regards, Customer Care
Please visit the credits page by clicking the "Credits" link located on the navigation menu. Once here, click the button that states "Get your daily credits!" You may obtain your free daily credits from the credits page each day.
You cannot change your alias once you have chosen it. If you have questions regarding this please let an admin know.
The slot machine will continue to spin if you have lost your internet connection or there is a connection problem with the server. In the event this occurs, you will still be awarded the proper outcome for that spin and try re-loading the game to continue playing.
The first step is to ignore the user in chat. Click on their alias in the chatroom and click the ignore button. You will not see messages from that user anymore for that session. If it is a serious matter please contact an Admin.
1) Please ensure you have credits or bingobucks in your balance. These can be obtained on the credits page.
2) Enter a Bingo game by clicking the lobby and choose a room you wish to play in.
3) Select cards you wish to play with by clicking the cards or using the quick select then click the buy button. (please note the maximum allowed cards for that game)
4) The timer will tell you how much time before the next game begins, make sure you have purchased your cards before card sales close.
5) When the game begins you can choose to manual daub the cards or let it autodaub
6) The game will automatically notify everyone playing when someone has called BINGO. It will also automatically credit that players account with the prize
7) Have fun!
Your username is the alias that you chose upon signup. You password is automatically generated. If you encounter a login box during the game, please click on the lobby link and refresh the game to automatically re-log you back in.
The game will automatically notify everyone playing when someone has called BINGO. It will also automatically credit that players account with the prize.
No. Bingo and other side games are 100% free and for entertainment purposes only. There is never a time where you need to put your money in or when money is requested from the players.
You can receive your free credits once per day. You must wait until midnight (site time) to re-request. So if you request your credits on Monday, you must wait until it turns to Tuesday to obtain more. Also please note that the credits page will provide you with the details of when you may re-request.
Hello, If you cannot connect to chat, it is likely that something on your computer is blocking this connection. Typically, if you have a firewall installed it may attempt to block connections such as this one. You may test this by checking for your firewall and disabling it temporarily to see if you will be allowed to connect to chat or by allowing your web browser to connect out. If this problem continues to occur, please feel free to contact us so that we can assist you further. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, For each friend you invite, you will receive 100 Earned Credits when they signup and 500 Credits if the purchase extra credits. You may also purchase additional credits to play with from the credits page. The rates are listed on the purchase page. Please note: Earned Credits and Winnings may be used to play any game. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, You may redeem this code from the page at If you are not logged into the site, you will be asked to login first before being able to enter your code. Once you have successfully logged in, a box will be available where you may submit the code and it will validate it. If you experience any difficulty, please let us know and we would be happy to assist you further. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, When you are in your hotmail account, there should be an options link on the top right corner of the screen, and by pressing this menu you should have a link for More Options. On the more options page, you will be presented with headings for Manage your account and Junk e-mail. From the Junk-Email heading, choose Safe and blocked senders. From the next page choose Safe Senders. You will then be presented with a box to enter a new sender or domain to mark it as safe. Enter the domain of the site you wish to allow to send you email here: for example, for mybingo enter and press the add to list button. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, When you login to the website you should see a box at the top of the screen which will be asking you to click a button to validate your email. An email with a special link will be sent to your inbox. Upon clicking that link you will have your account / email address validated. If you do not receive the email, it is possible that either the email address on file with us (the one you used at the time of registration) is incorrect, or that your email provided is blocking the email. We ask that you check your spam/junk folder to see if the email has been placed there. If you still do not have the email from us, please contact us for further assistance. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, If you are trying to send funds and see error 601, this likely means that the account you are attempting to send to has been marked by the system as a duplicate account (or related in some way). As per our rules, we do not allow duplicate accounts on the system. Unfortunately, if the account is not a duplicate account but has been tracked by the system as a duplicate, you will not be able to send to that particular account (though you are still able to send to other accounts). Please note that this does not prevent you from being able to play the games, only to send funds between the accounts. If you require any further information, please contact us. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, Payment Pin is a unique service which allows you to checkout using your home phone line (phone bill) and a 1-900 number. It has full North American Coverage and uses a Completely Secure One-Time-Use PIN # once you have made your purchase. It is Billed against your phone line and there is no credit cards required. How it works: At the checkout, after selecting PaymentPin and following the steps, a 1-900 # corresponding to the price point is displayed. You will be prompted to dial the 1-900 PaymentPin # and a system generated PIN is issued to you over the phone. After hearing the PIN you DO NOT need to stay on the line. The unique one-time-use PIN is entered into the site along with your home telephone number as payment confirmation. The purchase is billed to your landline telephone account (which you dialed up on) and the funds are credited to your player account. Regards, Customer Care
There is no obligation to pay for credits. The site is free to play and you are able to get your daily free credits once per day. These credits can be used to play our games. For users who wish to play beyond the daily allotment of credits, we offer the option to purchase additional credits from the credits page. You are not obligated to do so. You may also complete offers if you wish to obtain more than the daily allotment amount of credits. Please note: All games are for entertainment purposes only, and there are no real money winnings or prizes. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, We have created a page to help users who need information about taking screenshots. Please following this link: to view our short tutorial. Best Regards, Customer Care
Hello, Periodically we open the host submission process, and during this process you may fill out the form in order to apply to be a host. The application is not currently open at this time. Be sure to follow us on social media and read our emails to ensure you are aware of the next time we open host applications. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, In order to create a public profile you must login to the website at [homepageurl] Once you are logged in you should see a button for "My Account". From the my account page you should see a menu option marked "Public Profile". On the public profile page you will see what is currently listed under your public profile (which other members of the site may see). From this page, you will have a link to "Edit your profile". Clicking the edit link will bring you to a page which will allow you to fill out the information (or update information which already exists). Be sure to press the save button when you are done to ensure the changes are posted to your account. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, Users should not use CAPS LOCK or the equivalent when participating in the chat rooms. Sentences which are written mainly in CAPS are considered rude on the internet. This means that a majority if your words cannot be in caps. For instance, the following would not be appropriate: THIS IS AN INAPPROPRIATE SENTENCE TO WRITE IN THE CHAT ROOM. Where this would be appropriate: This is an APPROPRIATE sentence to write in the Chat Room. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, When using our Interac Online or Interac Email money transfer methods it is 100% safe. The way the Interac Online payments work is as follows: You select the amount you wish to transfer and then you are redirected to a special page on your online banking website. For example, if you have online banking with royalbank, you will be redirected to the Royal Bank online banking site. A security connection is made between you and your bank, no other entity is involved at this stage. Once you have completed the process on your online banking website, your bank will send us a notification that the payment has been made and we will adjust your account accordingly. In regards to the Interac Email Money Transfer: You login to your online banking website as you would normally for your day to day transactions. You will select the Email Money Transfer option (if available) and choose the amount you wish to send. When asked for the recipient email you would enter You will also be asked for a password (we ask that you enter your alias in this field if possible, otherwise please provide us with the password you choose so that we can accept the money transfer). Once we have manually accepted the money transfer, we will adjust your account accordingly. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, We have recently put together the hosting system which allows for greater transparency in regards to what numbers are being used, who is buying in, who is refunded and who is awarded the prizes in a side game. Along with the details of the bingo games which are available to all players who have participated, you can compare the bingo calls in a game to the numbers that all players obtained in the side games. This makes it easier for the participants to verify the winners are correct; as the host cannot change any numbers. Everything is logged in the system. If you believe that a host has wrongly credited a winner, we would ask that you keep the sidegameid and the bingo gameid numbers handy and provide them to us so that we can conduct an investigation. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, There are many factors which are taken into account when determining if your status is VIP. Some of these factors include tenure on the site, participating in chat and games, purchasing credits, sending credits to friends, etc. Note: It is also important to maintain account activity in these areas to ensure that your account remains in a VIP status. Best Regards, Customer Care
Hello, The dungeon is a place that players are sent when they are not contributing positively to the chat experience. The dungeon is not a chat ban; players who are in the dungeon may still chat with other members who are there as well, but they are not mixed in with the general population. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, Before we complete your request, could you please let us know the reason for wishing to close down your account? Regards, Customer Care
Hello, In order to turn off the auto-daub feature, so that you may manually mark your numbers, first load up the bingo game by clicking the join button on one of the available rooms. Once the game loads, you should see a checkbox near the top right of the screen (next to the audio mute control button). If this checkbox is checked, it means that the computer will mark your numbers for you. If it is unchecked, it means the auto-daub feature will be turned off and it will not mark your numbers for you. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, From the bingo page, click on the menu item "Pre-Purchase" from the side menu. This will bring you to the Pre-Purchase page. On this page simply follow the on-screen instructions (start by selecting your bingo game session, date and hour) and press OK. You will then see the available games which can be pre-purchased for that room/time slot. Choose the amount of cards under the "Num Cards" field and lock in your pre-buy request by pressing the Buy button for that row. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, In order to play the game on an Android device we ask that you use the Google Chrome Mobile browser and ensure you are updated to the latest version. On Apple devices, please use the Mobile Safari Browser. If you have any issues and require some assistance, be sure to let us know. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, We can assure you that our games are entirely random, so if you are seeing the same winners all the time, it is likely that they are buying into more games or purchasing more cards/bets than others. If you feel there is something specific you wish us to investigate, please provide us with the details. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, Error code 639 means that you are unable to send to this host side game at this time. Please check the various settings on your account. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, There are a few reasons why it is important that you maintain a correct and up to date phone number with us: 1) In the event that you should get locked out of your account we can use the verified phone number to help get you logged back in by providing you a unique code in a secure manner. 2) We can use alternate methods to provide some special features to our verified users. 3) Sometimes things can get lost in email and we can provide important messages to you when we need to using SMS. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, If you are attempting to load a game and get an error dialog box that says "Error Initializing graphics" it may be that your browser is not allowing your computer to load specific features. If you are using google chrome, enter the following into your address bar: chrome://settings/system You should see a screen offering some options and a heading "System". Under this heading you should have an option "Use hardware acceleration when available". Ensure the toggle switch is set to on. If you change the toggle switch it will ask you to Relaunch the browser for the changes to take effect. Please let us know if this works, otherwise, if you require further assistance, do not hesitate to write back to us here. Regards, Customer Care
Hello, From time to time you may experience that the website or our games are not loading as quickly as you would expect. In order to troubleshoot and/or solve the problem on your end we a list of recommendations that you can attempt: - Have you attempted to use two different urls (eg. vs to see if one is faster than the other for you? - Are you able to try using a different browser (for instance, if you are using Google Chrome you may choose to try Firefox or Edge browser) to see if this improves the connectivity for you? - Have you restarted both your computer and internet router/modem? - If you have a mobile device, tablet, and/or other computer, are you able to try on one of those other devices to see if it behaves differently? Regards, Customer Care